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The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash REVIEW

Hello everyone, I’m finally back after taking a long break for final exam. It’s summer now, and my face tends to get oilier than usual due to the weather and humidity level. I was trying on various facial cleanser recently, but I think this one work really well on controlling sebum on my face. Previously, I have tried another facial cleanser from TBS too, which is Tea Tree Face Wash. It was good though, but I think it’s not really suitable for my skin. Some red spots usually appear on the skin below my eyes when I put that cleanser too long on my face. I also tried again my old facial cleanser from Mentholathum ‘Acnes’, but I guess it didn’t work well on my skin as it used to be (maybe because of the weather too). Actually, I was already tired of trying & spending my money on new products that don’t give any difference, and I was going to go back with my facial cleanser from my aesthetician. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my facial cleanser from my aesthetician due to Eid Mubarak Holiday and I was running out of any face wash at the moment. So, to fulfill my urgent need, I decided to try TBS face wash again, TBS Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash. This product received so many good reviews on TBS website and I thought it’s quite convincing to give this product a try.


How much does it cost? It cost IDR 129,000 but there was 10% discount, so it became IDR 116,000

Where to buy it?  This product is available at all official TBS store



The packaging is quite common compared to packaging of any other face wash from other brands. At the back of the tube, you can find some information about this product such as product description, ingredients, and instructions for use. A tube contains of 100 ml of creamy face wash. I think this product will last long for daily usage because I only need a small amount to clean all over my face, about the size of an edamame pea.

When I apply this product on my skin, there’s a cooling sensation feeling on my face. I think this product is less foamy than TBS Clean Face Wash. Actually, I prefer face wash that’s more foamy so that I can use it with my facial brush. Unlike any other product from TBS Tea Tree Series, this product has weaker cajuput oil-like smell.

The face wash itself is white colored & very creamy. I usually left this product on my face for a minute before rinsing it with water, because I recently heard that face wash / body wash needs time to work effectively on your skin and it’s advised to leave it for a minute or two before rinsing your face with water.

I really love this product because of its oil control ability without drying my skin or causing the appearance of red spots. Actually, this product cause the appearance of red spots below my eye at the first usage, but they’re gone by themselves as the time goes by & never appeared again. I think my skin needs time to adapt with new product. Moreover, it contains tea tree oil extract that can calm down active pimples effectively. On the first day of usage, there was an active red pimple on my forehead, but it’s gone right after I used this product. It’s cool, isn’t it? 😀

So this is the end of my review for this product. What do you think about it? Do you wanna try? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Also, remember that this review isn’t sponsored, I bought this product with my own money, & I wrote this review based on my sincere experiences.

Thank you for reading my blog 🙂 Your visits mean a lot to me ❤ See you on the next post! 🐻


Schei 😉

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