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Etude House Black Charcoal Chin Pack

Happy Chinese New Year everyone~ How was your CNY celebration? Was it fun or exhausting? I got the exhausting one this year, I had to do the visiting :/. To prepare my skin for the long CNY day, I decided to try this charcoal chin pack from Etude to help reducing whiteheads and sebum on my chin. And also the weather was very humid in Indonesia these days and my face become very easily oily especially at those parts with whiteheads.



This product is similar to the regular nose strips (packs), but this one is specially designed for chin. I don’t know why but it’s not advised to use it on your nose.

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As you can see, the front side and the back side can be easily differentiated. The front side is the black one which is stick to the clear plastic film. This part is the adhesive one. The other side is the rough side.


How much?

I bought this online for about $1 for a strip.


How to use?

  1. Wet you chin with water
  2. Remove the chin pack from its clear film
  3. Stick the adhesive side to your chin for 10-15 minutes
  4. Remove when the strip is dry


My opinion . . .

When stick this strip to your chin, you can directly smell the charcoal scent. Actually, I don’t really like the scent and it bothers me a little. After the strip is dry, I decided to remove it. Unlike some strips that has too strong adhesive part, this one doesn’t hurt at all when removed. Some blogger said that this product leaves some black residue on their chin. But in my case, it doesn’t leave any black residue. I think it might leave some black residues if you wet your chin too much. In the other side, I don’t really think think this product work really well in removing my whiteheads. My whiteheads are still there, but after using this product, my chin became a little less oily. Maybe I need to use it regularly to see a significant result (?) hehe 😀  I try to use it regularly someday and I’ll let you know the result 😉


Thank you for visiting by and I hope you find this helpful 😀 And feel free to leave my a comment, I’ll be glad to reply each of them :star: :star: See ya!




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