Etude House My Beauty Tool Embossed Cotton Pad Review

Hello everyone! It’s almost Christmas πŸ˜„ yay! Sorry for not updating very frequent recently. I’ve been in a tight budgeting because I want to exchange my phone with a new one hehe.. So, I decided to make a brief review for the product that’s very very affordable for most of you and you use it everyday. It’s the “Heart-Embossed Cotton Pad” fromΒ  Etude. I asked my bestfriend in SG to buy it for me. It only costed SGD 3 for 150 pads.


These cotton pads only packed in a card box. The paper box itself made from a good quality of paper so it can stay in shape for a long time. I really love the design of the box, it’s soft blue polkadots with sky blue background. It’s simple but very pretty. I really love their idea of using the card box as the cotton pad dispenser. Here they are. It’s similar to the common cotton pad, but this one is slimmer.

Like their name, these cotton pads obviously have heart pattern embossed on them. It’s very cute, isn’t it? πŸ˜™

Finally, thank you for reading my blog. Don’t worry, I’ll update this post for a deeper review when I find out more about this product. See you! πŸ‘


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