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The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Review

Hello! How is your day? I hope you’d a great day. Anyway, do any of you love Kdrama? Yess, I do. I am watching “She was Pretty” right now, how about you? what are you watching? hehe.. Today, I’ll write a review about another tea tree product from Body Shop. It’s their famous Tea Tree Oil. It’s sold 1 unit every 8 seconds, isn’t it amazing? 😀 It’s my first tea tree oil (I use prescribed acne medicine from my doctor before). Since I want to try another product, I decided to get this one.I bought it in store for IDR 119.000 for 10ml. The bottle is very tiny. But don’t worry,  you only need a very small amount to be applied on pimples. So I guess it’ll last long 🙂


The bottle itself is made of glass. The cap is the press-stir one so you need to press it first then stir it to the right to open the bottle. The direction to open the bottle is illustrated on the top of the cap along with the body shop logo.


There’s also a little booklet tied on the bottle’s neck. You can find some information about how to use this product and its price on that little booklet.

There’s a unique thing that catch my attention about this bottle. It has a tear type sticker. You can tea the backside sticker 3 times to read some more info about this product in many different languages.

Unlike the body wash, tree tea oil itself has clear color. Its texture is also not very thick like oil cleanser, but more similar to water. It also has a refreshing scent that’s similar to cajuput oil’s scent. In addition, the scent doesn’t bother me at all since it’s not very strong.
This product works pretty well on reducing my pimples, but it doesn’t work only in a one application. You need to apply it regularly to see the result. Unlike any other tea tree oil, this product doesn’t make my skin dry. Perhaps it’s because TBS tea tree oil is diluted tea tree oil so it’s not too strong for your skin.

After all, thank you for reading my blog post. I hope you this help!


Ps: I write all of my blog contents sincerely based on my experiences.


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