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Etude House Grand Opening Event in Galaxy Mall Surabaya

Hello everyone! Happy weekend!

Today is August 1st. Yey! Finally! I’ve been waiting for today for a month. Why? Because Etude House holds a Grand Opening Event in Galaxy Mall Surabaya today. They offer 50% discount on all products, free make over from Korean Makeup Artists (MUA), & Free Goodie Bag for each customers. As usual, there’re terms & conditions applied.

The event started on 10.00 am. I went there with some of my fellas by taxi. Then, we arrived at the Etude House Galaxy Mall store at 10.30 and there’s already a long queue of customers waiting for their turn to go inside the store. I was worried of not getting the goodie bag at first since Etude House only gave 200 goodie bags each day. Fortunately, after about 45 minutes of queuing, I finally could go inside the store (yay!).

After entering the store, I directly took the products that’s on my wish list and went to the cashier. My total purchase was 103.000 rupiahs so I was eligible to get the Goodie Bag (what a relieve! :D). After that, I went out from the store and visit the exchange stand in front of the store to exchange my bill with a Goodie Bag.

Grand Opening Etude House Galaxy Mall

Then, I took a photograph with my friends at the photo booth and here it’s:

Grand Opening Etude House Galaxy Mall

Oh I almost forget XD The terms & conditions for this event are:

  • Get free goodie bag with minimum IDR 100.000 of purchase
  • Get free make over from Korean MUA with minimum purchase of IDR 300.000
  • Free photo booth

So, let’s take a look inside the Goodie Bag. It’s actually my first ever Goodie Bag from Etude. I actually got another 1 from Etude Store in Jakarta but I didn’t take it since I wasn’t in Jakarta at that time (what a shame L). Well, the past stay in the past, right? Hehehe.. Talking about today, I feel glad that I could be one of the 200 lucky customers. The Goodie Bag is worth IDR 400.000 and more.

I think the paper bag itself has a really cute design. It looks like Etude House store building in Korea. There’re even some details on it, such as the windows & the 3D roof shape. So cute, isn’t it? I think the paper bag is made of some good quality of paper.

So what’s inside the bag? There are some slightly different products from each bag. Here’s what I got:


  • Brush cleanser
  • Look at my eyes eye shadow
  • Nail polish
  • Blusher
  • And also, a Bubble Hair Coloring in Mocha Pink

I have been interested in dying my hair with Etude Bubble Hair coloring for quite some times but I was afraid to try one. I was afraid of getting allergy because of using this dye (since I’ve never dyed my hair tho) & it’d be a total waste. But finally I got one for free XD

I’ve tried the brush cleanser before to wash my Any Air Puff and it did worked well in cleaning my puff from the BB Cream residue. So now, I have 2 bottle of Etude Brush Cleanser (I have used 1 & the another one is totally new). If any of you is interested in trying one, feel free to drop me an email. I’m thinking of putting it on sale because a small amount of this cleanser is enough to clean my makeup tools & I think a bottle would be enough for me since it lasts for months 🙂

I also got an eye shadow from this goodie bag. It’s Look at My Eyes Lemon Sherbet (YL02). The colour is lemon yellow. It has a pretty colour, but it’s very light that I’m afraid that the colour wouldn’t turn out as pigmented as it’s on its palette on my eyelids.

Another product from this goodie bag is Etude House Face Color Corset in Lavender Veil Finish (#3). I really love the packaging of this product. It’s very cute & it looks like a traditional corset.

There is also a nail polish inside the goodie bag. I don’t know what series that nail polish is from, but I guess it’s from the older series. The colour of the nail is pale pink. It almost looks like white.

I can’t wait to try them all so I could write a deeper review on each product (hahaha :D)

Thank you for reading my blog and see you soon

Schei 🙂




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