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Etude House Zero Sebum White Sebum Clear & All Day Matte Gel sample REVIEW

Hello everyone! Happy Summer Holidayy~ I am going to spend my summer holiday in Bali. Yes, I’m finally going back there again 🙂 How about you? Hope you all have a great time. So, for my next trip, I’ve already made some preps especially some skin care & makeups to help controlling sebum. I’ve bought an Innisfree No sebum powder pact last month. And I recently got Etude House Zero Sebum White Sebum clear & Etude House All Day matte gel on my hand 😀

Etude House Zero Sebum Sample

Etude House Zero Sebum line is the most recent line of Etude House. The Zero Sebum line is including the Zero Sebum powder, Zero Sebum All day matte gel, & Zero Sebum White Sebum Clear. I haven’t tried the powder but I’ve tried the other two and they’re amazing.

Even though it’s just a free sample, the packaging is still lovely as always. The color of the sachet is mint green. There’re 2ml of Zero Sebum White Sebum Clear & 2 ml of Zero Sebum All Day matte gel. Here it is~ I took a photo of this sample with my minnie mouse tsum tsum. It’s cute, isn’t it? 😆 )

Etude House Zero Sebum Sample

You can find the descriptions on the back side. Sadly, the descriptions are both written in korean. Don’t worry! You can still find the english descriptions on Etude House’s website hehe 😀

Etude House Zero Sebum Sample

Etude House Zero Sebum White Sebum Clear

Some of you might struggle with naughty white heads on your face such as on your chin & nose (yea, me too). I really hate having white heads on my chin since it’s very hard to get rid of. You can use pore strips on your nose to clean those white heads, but there aren’t so many options when it comes to white heads on your chin.Therefore, I’m so glad that my favorite brand finally release this product.

How to apply

1. Evenly apply onto areas concentrated with sebum oil, especially the forehead, bridge of the nose, and lower chin areas.
2. Roll onto skin and leave on for 1 minute in the busy mornings, or approximately 3 minutes when you have time, and lightly remove with a tissue.


This product claims to melt away the white heads. Well, I don’t really notice the “melting process” but the white heads just slightly gone after you wipe your face with tissue. Maybe, if you continue using this for weeks, you’ll see a big improvement.Since they’re only samples, it is only 2 ml and it’s not enough to be used for weeks. So, I’m thinking of buying the full size after I finish the samples. I’ve tried to take the before-after picture but I couldn’t get a good picture, so I use this picture from Etude House’s website. I think this picture can sum up everything.


Etude House Zero Sebum White Sebum Clear Review

Etude House Zero Sebum All Day Matte Gel

The function of Etude House Zero Sebum All Day Matte Gel is to help reducing oiliness. To use this product, you only need to apply a certain amount of this product to your face part where it’s usually get oily very easily such as nose & spread it from inner to outer areas of your face. You might need to apply several layers of this product based on your skin type. My face usually  gets oily after 2-3 hours (since the weather in my living place is humid & hot),  but after using this product, I think my skin can stay matte until noon.

Here’s how to use Etude Zero Sebum Series:

Etude House Zero Sebum Series

Both of these product made my skin feels so smooth & I ♥  it hahaha.. I wanna buy the full size of this product but I still can’t decide which one to buy (they’re quite pricey tho! :D)

Don’t forget to leave me a comment if you have anything to ask & hit the follow button if you enjoy reading my blog 😀 Thank you & see you soon ♥



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