Mizzu Pen Eyeliner in Black REVIEW

Anyong readers! Today I’m going to review one of my favorite eyeliner. It’s MIZZU PEN EYELINER 😀 I have the black one & I think this is a good product for those whom are still new to pen eyeliner. I bought it online for about IDR 25.000. It’s cheap but it has a good quality. So let’s review it!



The packaging of mizzu pen eyeliner is very simple. The box itself is only made of thin plastic. The pen eyeliner packaging is black colored with its brand name written in silver color.






The brush isn’t very thin like another pen eyeliner. Even so, the brush is soft & easy to glide on your eyelids so it can make a perfect line.

2014-11-27 14.46.19

As it claimed,  Mizzu Pen eyeliner is waterproof. But I don’t think their waterproof level is great compared to Etude House Drawing Eye Show Brush liner. As you can see on the picture below, the eyeliner can’t be erased easily when it’s wet.

This pen eyeliner can dried pretty quickly after you glide it on your eyelids. You only need a couple minutes to let the ink dried. In the other hand, this eyeliner doesn’t dry easily even after a long time of not being used. I’ve already have mine for almost 5 months but it doesn’t dried & still working nicely. Just remember to store it in a cool place J

Mizzu Pen Liner is also smudge proof. This is the best feature of this pen eyeliner I like so far since I could easily clean my eyeliner without getting my eyelids sore 😀



Very affordable

♥ Easy to use

Travel friendly

♥ Doesn’t dried easily (after not being used for a long time)

Dried pretty quickly when you use it

♥ Smudge proof



Doesn’t have a very good water proof level


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