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Etude House Kissful Lip Concealer Review

Hello everyone! I actually wanted to update this blog earlier today. But I got an unexpected problem from my “recent” favourite online shop. They report me as spammer just because I canceled their order (WTH?!, sorry for being rude ._.). And they asked me to change my address & other personal information. (How do I suppose to change my address? I don’t have office address (I’m a student) & I can’t steal somebody else’s house address, right?). At the end, I only wanna say that I AM DISAPPOINTED with their service. So, let’s just forget about this & do a better thing such as write a REVIEW 😀


The product that I’m gonna review today is Etude House Kissful Lip Concealer. Gradation lip has been popular nowadays amongst asian girl. It’s believed that gradation lips will make you look younger & healthier. To make gradation lips, people usually cover their lip using concealer, powder, or BB creams. I’ve tried to cover my lips using BB creams and it made my lips dried & chapped. People said that you should use lip balm first before covering your lips using BB creams, but it doesn’t make any change on me (Is it just me or some of you might’ve experienced the same thing?). Then, I decided to buy a lip concealer. Tadaaa.. Here it is 😀


I bought it for IDR 55.000 (online)

The packaging is simple but still lovely. The packaging is like lipstick, you just need to twist it to use.





I don’t know why, but when I used it, I found out that it make my lips look darker. Maybe it’s just me since my lips colour is very red.

The difference between this concealer & face concealer is that Etude Kissful lip concealer is more moisturizing since it’s designed for lips.The texture of Etude Kissful Lip concealer is creamy.



In summary, Etude Kissful Lip Concealer is a must-have product especially for you who love gradation lips.

*I write this review sincerely & based on my experience. This isn’t a sponsored review since I bought it with my own money. Remember, I’ll always write “SPONSORED” on my post title if it’s a sponsored review.

Anyway, thank you for reading my review. I’d be glad if you’d like to hear from you whether it’s your opinions, suggestion, or your experience if you’ve tried one. J

Warm regards,

Schei XXX


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