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Etude Play Nails 2 #PK001 Review

Hi guys! If you love Etude House, you must have known its popular series of nail polish. Do you know what it is? Yes that’s right! It’s the Play Nail Series. Play Nail series has 100 different shades. This is my first Etude Play Nails’ nail polish, Play Nails #2.

Etude House Play Nail #2
Etude House Play Nail #2

Etude House Play Nail #2
Etude House Play Nail #2

Etude Play Nail #2 is pinkish transparent colour with soft pink glitter. When I applied it for the first time, I barely can’t see the nail polish on my nails. After applying it a couple time, now I can see the pinkish shimmer on my nails which is very pretty. It makes my nails look healthier, pinker, & stronger.

The etude play nail #2 is actually a base coat, but I love to wear it alone without adding any other nail polish because of its shimmery effect (haha :D). I’m sorry I can’t provide you with a photos of how it looks on my nails cause it’s hard to catch the shimmery look on my camera lens.

I was actually a little bit disappointed with this nail polish at first because I found it didn’t turn out to be like in the photos in the website. But it’s okay, now I find it pretty with its shimmery look :D. This nail polish also dries very fast. Now, this nail polish becomes my favorite nail polish to be used everyday.

I’ve ever tried to make ombre nails using this product once. But it didn’t work out really well. It seems like etude play nails #2 is stronger than my other nail polish so when I use both at the same time, my other nail polish tends to fade away.

Will I purchase it? Yes, I’d love to 🙂


Thank you for reading 🙂




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