Face Shop Berry Mix Petits Fruit Daily Perfumed Hand Cream (REVIEW)

Hello! Today I’m going to write a review about my first Face Shop product. It’s the Daily Perfumed Hand Cream(Crème Mains Parfumee Quotidienne). Mine is the Berry Mix Petits Fruits one. I was so happy when I found this hand cream because I’d been searching for this kind of smell for a while. (Hahaha :D)


Direction of usage: Apply a small amount to the back of each hand and rub hands together in a gentle circular motion. Avoid contact with eyes.

Price: $8 per tube (30 ml / 1.00 fl. Oz.). I think the price is very affordable compared to etude’s similar hand cream.

The packaging is like mini toothpaste with a cute picture of berries in the front. The background color of the tube is lilac. I think the tube is made of aluminum, so be careful not to press too hard (since it can change its shape easily & when it’s changed it wouldn’t look pretty anymore). With its cute little packaging, it’s easy to bring it around. After all, the cute packaging is one of my reasons to buy this product.

When you open the tube, you can directly smell the sweet berries scent. At first I thought I could also use it as perfume because it’s quite highly scented, but the smell fades away after 15-20 minutes. You still can barely smell the scent when you smell your palm. Not only has a nice smell, this hand cream is also moisturize well.

After all, I’m pretty satisfied with Face Shop “Berry Mix Petits Fruit” Daily Perfumed Hand Crème because of its nice packaging, sweet scent, & affordable price. But I’m a little bit disappointed of this product because the scent can’t last for a long time.

Will I purchased it? Yes, and I also wanna try the other scent. 😀

Thank you for reading my review. I’d be glad if you’d give me some suggestion to improve my blog since I’m still new to blogging or your opinions about this product if you’ve tried it.

Warm regards,



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