[REVIEW] Maybelline Master liner eyeliner in Black and Brown

Maybelline has been known for its good quality with reasonable price. I suggest you to give it a try if you’re still new in makeups. There are so many variety of their product such as eyeliner, makeup remover, powder, etc. On this post I’ll review maybelline master liner eyeliner. They have 2 shades which are dark brown and black. It only cost IDR 28.000 (very cheap right! :D)

It claims that maybelline master liner eyeliner:

  1. is a creamy pencil with soft glide
  2. has intense colour
  3. smudge-proof and water-proof

So, let’s try it!

I like this product because it’s retractable and the brown color is nice. When I swatch it on my hand, it does glide very smoothly, but it doesn’t glide that smooth as I swatch it on my eyelid.


The texture is very creamy but not sticky as the others is. And yes it’s waterproof. It stays about 4 to 5 hours after the first application. It’s also smudge proof. As you can see on the picture below, it doesn’t smudge even after I rub it with cleanser.

after swab using Maybelline Lip & Eye remover

It also has an intense colour. I can get the intense colour from just a swatch.


1x swatch
1x swatch

Thank you for reading my blog. This is a bonus picture below 😀 It’s a picture of my eyes using this Maybelline Master Liner eyeliner to make a cat eye wink. Haha 😀

Cat eye look
Cat eye look which I made with maybelline master liner

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