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Garnier All-in-1 Perfecting Cream (Garnier BB Cream) Review

Today, I’ve just bought Garnier All-in-1 Perfecting Cream, as known as “Garnier BB Cream”, for IDR 20.900,- in Indomaret (one of the minimarket near my house). This is my first ever BB Cream. As a newbie, I don’t want to spend my momey on an expensive one on the first shot (cause I’m not pro yet to choose which one is good). I choose Garnier BB cream after reading some reviews on the web, and then I can conclude myself this one is quite good for my skin condition. (PS: my skin condition is oily and I’ve got some acne spots on my face which have been getting lighter now).

Garnier BB Cream
Garnier BB Cream
Product Features
Product Features

So, let’s see what we got here!

Product Ingredients

Price: IDR 20.900,- (S$ 2.23)

As written on the box, Garnier BB Cream can:

  • brightens skin
  • lightens dark spots & acne marks
  • Moisturizes Skin
  • Mattifies skin & absorbs oil, giving a powder finish.
  • Evens out a skin tone

Let’s see whether this magic beauty thing is really doing what it supposed to do? haha 😀 Let’s find out!

1. Does it brighten your skin?

In my case, yes it does. It even gives a glowy look on my skin.

2. Does it lighten dark spots and acne marks?

Not really. But in my opinion, it might can lighten dark spots and acne marks after you’ve been using garnier BB cream for a couple time. (Sorry, I’ve just got this product very recently).

3. Does it moisturize your skin?

Yes. It moisturizes my skin, but it doesn’t give me any sticky feel. It dries immediately after I blend it on my skin.

4. Does it mattify skin, absorb oil, and give a powder finish?

Absolutely yes (yay! ^^). It mattifies my skin directly after I spread some and gives a powder finish. But it doesn’t only give a powder finish but also a dewy look. And yes, it absorbs oil, but not very good. It only lasts about 4 hours.


5. Does it even out a skin tone?

Yes, and in my case this product is really good on evening out my skin tone (even after a few hours).

It’s also very lightweight and non comedogenic just as written on the box:

“It’s lightweight, easy to spread & blend to skin evenly. It doesn’t clog pores, makes skin feel fresh, comfortable and suitable for all skin types.”




  • very lightweight
  • non-comedogenic
  • smells like lemon
  • gives dewy look
  • gives matte finish
  • the tube is very suitable for travelling too because of its size.
  • moisturizes your skin
  • contains lemon essence
  • doesn’t give sticky feel


  • not really good on absorbing oil especially oil on your T zone.
  • doesn’t really cover your imperfections (e.g: dark spots,acne spots)
  • looks a little bit cakey after a few hours usage.

Hope this help you find the right one for your skin condition. Ps: I write this review based on my experience and without any purpose to advertise this product.

Warm regards,

Ms. Fanny 🙂


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