About Me

Hello! Welcome to my little blog 🙂 I’ll share information, ideas, & thoughts about products that I had recently. I hope you could find my blog post helpful.

Current location: a tropical country called Indonesia 🙂

Since I’m going to write review more than anything else, here I share some details about me to help you understand my reviews.

  • skin colour: light yellow skin tone (Asian skin tone which is not too pale or dark)
  • skin condition: normal-to-oily acne prone skin (that’s why I always look for the non-comedogenic one)
  • eye shape: double eyelid almond shaped eye
  • hair condition: normal-to-oily

“What makes you beautiful is your own inner self.”

Why did I start blogging?

Well, before I started my own blog,  I found out that blog itself is very helpful. Back then, I was very “innocence” in makeup & skin care. So when I was going to buy a new product, I always did some research on the web so that I could prevent myself from making a wrong choice. It inspires me to start my own beauty blog so that I’d share my little knowledge for those in needs.

ps: I’m not an expert too, but I just want to share my experience & knowledge. Hope you’d find it helpful 🙂